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" I have been seeing Dr. Wingo for 3 years now.  I used to dread going to the doctor, but I actually enjoy my visits now.  With Dr. Wingo, I never feel rushed and I get to control how my visit goes.  When I have questions, I write them down and he patiently goes through them with me.  He anticipates what I want to know and provides an explanation so I can understand my conditions and my care.  I wish he would not have left Columbia, but it is still worth it to me to drive to Mt Pleasant once a year for my physical.  Throughout the rest of the year, he coordinates my care and handles my urgent complaints over the phone; so it is very convenient, as well as cost effective. My family saves thousands of dollars per year by seeing Dr. Wingo instead of a primary care doctor who is still "in the system".  Just like Dr. Wingo promises, Atlas Healthcare provides better Quality, Convenience and Affordability.  Thanks Dr. Wingo!"
P. B. - Lexington, SC

"As a small business owner, I am extremely busy....and time is money.  Dr. Wingo and the staff at Atlas Healthcare save me tremendous amounts of time and money by charging affordable fees and providing phone visits.  If I need to be seen in the office, they work with my schedule to get me in right away.  Dr. Wingo does not order tests I do not need just to "pad the bill"....Dr. Wingo even personally helped me pick out an affordable insurance plan that works for me and my family.  Overall, Dr. Wingo saves me thousands of dollars per year in healthcare costs.  I could never go back to a traditional medical practice."
S.W. - Columbia, SC

"I have several chronic conditions that require ongoing follow up care.  My previous doctors rushed in and out of the room in only minutes.  There was never time for me to ask questions and, of course, no time for answers.  I never felt like my doctors really understood what was going on with me.  Since becoming established at Atlas Healthcare, I don't have to see as many specialists.  Dr. Wingo takes the time to listen to me so he can really understand what is going on with me.  He doesn't refer me out for everything!  He works with my other doctors to make sure they all have an understanding of my care plan.  I'm also on a limited budget and Dr. Wingo makes my healthcare much more affordable.  It is nice to see that you can still get great care at an affordable price - and actually be seen when you need to be."
J.M. - Mt Pleasant, SC

Office Hours

Mon - Thurs: 9am - 6pm

Fri: 9am -4pm

Sat & Sun: Closed

If you are an established patient and need urgent care after hours, Dr. Wingo can be reached by calling the office and leaving a voicemail.