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It is obvious to everyone that the healthcare system in our country is broken and getting worse. What is not so obvious is what it would take to fix it. To know this, we have to understand where we are and how we got here.

So where are we? We are in an corrupt, bureaucratic, enormously expensive healthcare system. Because of this, many people cannot access care. Of those who do, they find the costs quickly become unaffordable. In fact, well over half of the bankruptcies in this country are due to healthcare costs? Is that a fair choice – go bankrupt or die?

So how did we get here? We allowed the government (Medicare, Medicaid and now the insurance exchanges under the Affordable Care Act), insurance companies, and hospitals to take the free market out of healthcare. We separated the consumer of healthcare from the payer of healthcare. This allowed the incentives of everyone involved in healthcare, from patient to hospital to insurer, to align to financially break the system.

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