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Are You Getting The Right Amount Of Vitamin D

If you remember back to when you were a kid, your parents may have stressed the importance of drinking your milk. While milk is a good source of vitamin D we need for our bodies, many of us fail to even drink one glass a day. Whether it's because most of us are constantly on the go or we simply forget, it's important to get the right amount of vitamin D that your body needs to function properly.


In the United States alone up to 93 percent of the population do not get the daily required amount of vitamin D. So, what can happen if not enough of this vitamin is absorbed into the body? Probably the most important role vitamin D plays is the calcium it provides to support a healthy immune system and strong bones. Without this important vitamin, you may be putting your long term health at risk. While vitamin D is essential to maintaining a healthy body, it also helps to keep minerals like calcium and phosphorous at safe levels within the body. So, if you're not getting that daily glass of milk, consider talking to your doctor and asking what supplements you can take to get your daily vitamin D.

There are certain people who may be prone to vitamin D deficiencies as well. People who are over the age of 50 and or are obese may be at risk to not getting the right amount of the vitamin needed for healthy skin and bones. Additionally, people who live in areas of high pollution, are darker skinned and those who have limited sun exposure which is a good naturally source of the vitamin are more at risk of vitamin D deficiency. 

Thankfully in the day and age there are a wide number of ways to get your vitamin D without drinking that daily glass of milk. Grocery retail stores are a great way to find a supplement that gives you that daily dose you need. It should be noted that vitamin D comes in both D2 and D3 form, D3 being animal form and D2 being plant form. Of the two D3 is considered the best for consumption due to it's ability to maintain vitamin D levels in the blood. So, however you get you daily dose of vitamin D, be sure you do!


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