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Cost Assessment

The single most common final cost of the exam is $420

Factors That Will Impact Final Cost







Disclaimer: The base price of the exam is $420 - this includes all required lab tests. The final cost of an individual exam is based on medical history or documentation provided.   

(PLEASE NOTE: there is NO charge for a Second Visit, and in most cases, there is NO need for a second visit.)

Beyond the base price, the final cost of your exam will depend on how many vaccines you need, and rarely, how much coordination of care your exam requires. The maximum cost of an exam in our office is $930, but this is ONLY IF you need all vaccines, and you receive them from us at our lower prices. 

The most common final price range is $420-$740. Please understand that our pricing reflects the fact that our office is a "one-stop shop"; unlike many others who do not provide labs and vaccinations at the time of your appointment.

Do not attempt to meet the vaccination requirements for this exam before speaking with Dr. Wingo. Not all vaccinations will be required for everyone. If you have a specific question regarding vaccinations, this can be discussed with Dr.Wingo during your appointment

Still interested in shopping around? 

Be sure to ask any other providers the following questions!


Do you charge a single fee for the exam, or do you charge per visit? 

At Atlas Healthcare, you pay only once for your exam on the day of your first visit.


 Additional charges will only be incurred if additional services are required such as x-rays, treatment, additional vaccines and/or coordination of care. 


Will you accommodate urgent appointments? 

Yes, at Atlas Healthcare, we are happy to accept urgent appointment requests if at all possible. 


Can you provide all required vaccines in-house? 

Yes! At Atlas Healthcare, we can provide all required vaccines in-house.  


Does your clinic allow online booking? 

Yes, at Atlas Healthcare, you can conveniently book your appointment through our booking link at a time that fits your schedule. If the day and time you desire is not available, you can add your name to a “waitlist”, and we will approve your request if at all possible. 


How many days will I need to take off work? 

At Atlas Healthcare, you will only need to be off work for a partial day. Your total appointment time in-office will usually be less than 1 hour.  


If my exam expires for any reason, do I have to pay full price for a repeat exam? 

No! At Atlas Healthcare, we perform exams for our repeat clients at a greatly reduced cost. We give you a large discount on the base price and will bring forward anything we can use from your previous exam.  


How long will it take to complete my exam? 

At Atlas Healthcare, your exam will usually be completed within 1 week. 


Does the Civil Surgeon perform the exam his/herself, or just sign it off? 

Yes! At Atlas Healthcare, Dr. Wingo performs your initial exam and final review before signing off.  


Do you provide all laboratory testing in-house?

Yes! At Atlas Healthcare, We perform all lab testing in-house.   


Is your Civil Surgeon in the office 5 days a week?  

Yes! At Atlas Healthcare, Dr.Wingo is in the office 4-5 days per week. 

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