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What To Expect

Our 5-steps to a smooth immigration process

  1. Schedule your appointment online -> Book Here   

  • Once scheduled, you will receive a confirmation booking notice along with your digital intake form. This form needs to completed ASAP, preferably within 24 hours of receiving your confirmation. Once we receive your completed digital intake form, the Atlas Healthcare team will begin working on your exam.      

2.   For your appointment bring your passport, Employment Authorization Card ( if you have one), your latest correspondence from USCIS ( if applicable), and any vaccination records. IF you have them.    


  • PLEASE NOTE, Do not delay your exam to obtain vaccination records as they rarely make a difference in what we must do to complete your immigration medical exam.   

3.  During your appointment, Dr. Wingo will review your medical history, medical records( if necessary), vaccine records ( if available) and perform your exam. Based on these reviews, and your interview with Dr. Wingo, he will order all laboratory tests and vaccinations. These can all be completed in our office on the same day.   


  • Lab testing must be completed at Atlas Healthcare 

  • Vaccinations can be completed elsewhere such as your regular doctor’s office, the health department or a local pharmacy if you choose.   

4.  Once your lab results are back and all necessary vaccinations are complete, Dr. Wingo will perform a review of your exam and either sign it off, or schedule a follow-up visit if necessary 


5. Once your exam is complete and packaged in the sealed envelope, you will receive a notice that your exam is ready for pick up. 

  • Please do not drop in to pick up your exam before receiving the notice as your exam will not be ready, and we will not be able to complete it for you at that time.

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